Vacuum packing bag broken solution!

by:Kolysen     2020-07-07
Plastic bags have damaged in the production, transportation and storage, is the enterprise common quality problems, in this paper, the vacuum food packaging simple analysis. Food vacuum packaging damaged reasons 1, food vacuum packaging design. Such as the net content of contents or volume beyond the scope of soft packaging materials used, in the process of transportation or distribution, slightly affected by external force, torn bags, cracking problems will occur. Generally as a vacuum bag heat sealing layer, the thickness of the material shall be not less than 50 & mu; M thick. 2, the quality of the food vacuum packaging material. Packaging material quality problems lead to the finished product packing sealing cracking problems, generally focus on the following aspects: (1) physical and mechanical properties of the food packaging & ndash; — Such as the tensile force and pull-apart extension, the puncture strength, pendulum impact resistance and peel strength etc. , can be integrated judgment bags toughness, durable thorn, impact resistance and other physical and mechanical properties conform to the packaging, storage stack and transportation needs. ( And contents, packaging, transportation way and the size of the packaging) (2) food packaging sealing & ndash; — Such as blasting pressure test to determine the location of the broken bags and mechanical strength is weak. Such as heat sealing strength test can determine whether heat sealing strength meet the requirements of food contents, and determined the poor heat sealing parts and the effect of heat sealing the evenness. Such as vacuum-packed chicken feet have damaged because of chicken feet are segmentation, some broken jaw bones were very sharp cutting, coupled with the boiling time, the skin contraction, so bare bones, in the process of transportation will bag broken easily. Therefore, durable bags should be considered as the focus of the packaging material combination. Through leakage and sealing strength tester can detect not only the biggest rupture strength, flexible packaging bags can also through the set pressure to test the burst time of packaging, can be designed according to test data stacking structure, further adjustment of heat sealing process parameters to improve the packaging effect, or according to the location of the flexible packaging bags broken packaging structure on the analysis of existing problems.
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