Vacuum packing bag adopts high barrier material to ensure food safety

by:Kolysen     2020-07-08
Aluminum foil is commonly used in food packaging bags advantages: 1, cut off air performance is strong, anti-oxidation, waterproof, moistureproof. 2, strong mechanical performance, high blast resistance, resistance to puncture tear resistance is strong. 3, high temperature resistant, 121℃) , good low temperature resistance, - - - - - - 50℃) , oil resistant, good performance. 4, avirulent insipidity, accord with standard of health food, pharmaceutical packaging. 5, heat sealing performance is good, softness, high separation performance is good. Food vacuum bag high barrier packaging - - - - - - - The commonly used high barrier packaging materials have the aluminum foil, nylon, polyester, poly (vinylidene chloride, etc. The new high barrier packaging materials ( The commonly used high barrier packaging materials have the aluminum foil, nylon, polyester, poly (vinylidene chloride, etc. ) 。 With the improvement of food to maintenance requirements. New high barrier plastic packaging material has been widely used abroad, the use of high strength and high barrier property of plastic can not only improve the maintenance of food, and when the same amount of food packaging can reduce the dosage of the plastic. Antistatic vacuum bag for high barrier property protection of processed foods and vacuum packaging, inflatable packaging, etc. , generally superior to use compound packing materials, and necessary in the multi-layer composite materials have more than a layer of high barrier property of materials. Such as new high barrier packaging materials modified nano composite polyamide, ethylene - Vinyl alcohol copolymer and polyvinyl alcohol, etc. Food packaging materials must have high barrier property. Grease food requires high oxygen resistance and resistance oily; Requires a high resistance to wet, dry food in order to ensure the smooth of packaged food. Besides food packaging materials have high tensile strength, tear resistance, resistance to impact strength, good chemical stability, no chemical reaction with the built-in food, ensure food peace; In addition must have the high temperature resistance, satisfies the requirement of food, such as high temperature disinfection and low temperature storage.
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