Vacuum packaging safety hazard for what reasons

by:Kolysen     2020-07-18
Vacuum packaging safety hazard reasons which release date: 2018 - 12 - 03 1, plastic packaging, and affect the quality of food vacuum bag with light, the transportation is convenient, chemical stable, easy production and many other advantages, has been widely used in food packaging. By adding a certain amount of plastic antioxidants, preservatives, such as auxiliary polymer materials, has a very good self protection function on food. But packaging products surface layer is easy to be caused by friction charged dust particles adsorption food contamination, not polymerization of ethylene in plastic packaging, such as ethyl benzene free monomers migrate with the increase of contact time added to the food risk, thus causing food contamination. Plastic packaging products and stabilizers, plasticizers have sex cause cancer and birth defects, large quantities of middle and later periods of the application of plastic packaging recycling pressure, damage the environment. 2, paper bags, and influence in recent years, paper bags because it can make bags, boxes, or cans, boxes and so on a variety of features and the advantages of being widely used in food packaging. But because a majority of paper bags raw material of paper or board from recycled and used, the bacteria, chemical residues and some residue often stick to produce paper bags, increased the risk of paper bags contaminated food. In addition, most of the paper bags used in brightening agent, fluorescent chemical potential pollution sources are all food. 3, glass containers and constantly all demand for food vacuum bag diversification, personalization, many made of silicon dioxide as raw material of glass containers are widely used in food packaging, in order to improve glass container gloss, such as production enterprises often combined with arsenic, antimony as clarifying agent, and also increases the lead element. In addition, all sorts of color glass containers have also been used to food packaging containers, food place in which to glass dissolution of silica and other organic matter pollution. At the same time, a lot of metals, ceramics, rubber monomer as packaging or packing, sealing material is used in food packaging, once handling will cause potential damage. Vacuum packaging the transport and storage of food safety hazard reasons can not do without the use of all kinds of packaging materials, the reasons for causing harm food packaging materials concrete has the following several aspects. 1, the factors of production of food packaging material or container production enterprises in the production stage did not do a good job in strict quality control, using the production of raw materials with poisonous and harmful waste material, some companies also use of packaging materials for printing, the application of its technology, quality management is not standard, buried under the food safety risk. 2, phase elements used in food packaging materials become more and more attention to the sensory effects of application of small and medium-sized enterprises pursue the appearance of packaging materials or too pursuit of practicality, and ignore the security function of food packaging materials and health standards, plus people means there is a problem, increase the food safety risk problem. 3, the phase factors in recent years, methods of management, the relevant units to increase the food safety regulation, safety packaging industry has successively promulgated a series of norms and standards. But new materials have research and development of raw materials, lax controls, standard lag behind the condition of different levels are widespread, has increased the food safety risk. Please consult packing more food packaging problems. A: national food packaging standards next article: what are the classification of the self-supporting zipper bag
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