Vacuum freezing expansion coefficient of the packaging bags

by:Kolysen     2020-07-20
Vacuum freezing bags is packing frozen food, ordinary food generally don't use it to packing, this is minus ten degrees in bags, and common convenience bag there are a lot of difference in performance. Because ordinary bags can't be stored in low temperature, easy to rupture at low temperature. Frozen expansion coefficient is smaller than the ordinary bags, bags of temperature expansion rate is low, even if the temperature drops to a certain extent, punctures, also won't appear rupture or bags this feature from the material performance, therefore, it has very good application in frozen food packaging performance. Vacuum freezing bags not only to ensure the good performance in low temperature, but also has the effect of vacuum packaging, vacuum, can realize low temperature make the food not only stored in low temperature, also under the vacuum state storage, food quality assurance. Frozen bags is designed for frozen food, life rhythm speeding up, also opened up a market for frozen food, frozen food heating instant, very convenient. But there are not instant heating, is the frozen seafood. Yellow croaker is one category. Only frozen yellow croaker in the mainland, there is no fresh live fish, the fish, and rarely seen in the seaside alive, as long as it's not frozen, is fresh. Far from the sea, even if fresh frozen, is much better than salted fish, salted fish has no one eat, that is not good, and hard to do. After thawing, frozen fish and fresh fish there's not much difference, of course, long storage life is somewhat changed taste. Yellow croaker is the curiosa in fish, large yellow croaker is collection of treasures, and because of the bohai sea oil spill, today, the yellow croaker in the bohai bay less and less, to want to eat a large yellow croaker, makes them very expensive. Because buy large yellow croaker is very few, the businessman will put it in my frozen bags stored in a freezer, to pick out people in need. A large yellow croaker two jins, better than a few dollars, and after thawing, the fish do also is not as good as fresh, also don't like little yellow croaker, the small fry the delicious. But, buy frozen yellow croaker in the bag is looks good, just because it is big, is the symbol of precious.
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