To tell you to identify whether the plastic valve bag poisonous method

by:Kolysen     2020-08-04
Plastic valve bag is very common in our daily life, the wide range of USES, can contain food, shoes, clothing, electronic products, dry goods, tea, gifts, samples, etc. As is known to all, plastic bags can be divided into toxic and nontoxic plastic plastic bags. How can we distinguish between them? Non-toxic plastic valve bag: polyethylene, polypropylene, melamine and other ingredients, can be used for food; Toxic plastic valve bag: made from vinyl chloride, can only be used for general packing, if used for packing food at risk of poisoning. The plastic bag into the water, water with your hands pressed it at the bottom of the water. Wait a minute. The water was nontoxic plastic bags, heavy bags in water are poisonous. Touch: touch the surface of the plastic bag with the hand, very smooth, non-toxic. If color mixing, contact the hair sticky, convergence, poisonous. Listen: shook with the hand bag, the sound is very crisp, non-toxic bags, sound stuffy or not ring, plastic bags are poisonous. Burn: cut off a corner of the plastic bag, put it on the fire, non-toxic or burn, after leaving the fire continues to burn, yellow flame, like a candle melting plastic drop, the odour of paraffin; Toxic, nonflammable, in the green flame combustion, and a suffocating strange smell. Bouquet: irritating odor and aversive, most toxic, or may be excessive, plasticizer and other additives poor quality.
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