To tell you about five characteristics of the temperature in the making plastic bags

by:Kolysen     2020-07-23
Introduce you to five characteristics of plastic bag making temperature release date: 2019 - 09 - Plastic bags of 25 the whole production process, the key link in numerical control are needed to ensure the quality, such as plastic material & ndash; — Plastic film production, each stage will need to be precise temperature control, to enhance the strength of the thin film materials. 1, the glass transition temperature Tg: refers to the amorphous polymers including an amorphous part of the crystalline polymer, made of glass state to the high elastic state, or by the transition temperature of the latter to the former. Is freedom of the amorphous macromolecule polymer chain segment motion, the lowest temperature is products operating temperature limit. Type 2, melting temperature Tm: for crystalline polymer, refers to the macromolecular chain structure of 3 d remote orderly state into a disorderly stick the temperature of the flow pattern, also known as the melting point. Is the lower limit of crystalline polymer processing temperature. 3, flow temperature Tf: refers to the amorphous polymer by the temperature of the high elastic state into a viscous flow state. Is the lower limit of the amorphous plastics processing temperature. 4, not flowing temperature: flow does not occur under the pressure of a certain maximum temperature. Is to add a certain amount of plastic in the cylinder at the top of the mold of the capillary rheometer, heated to a certain temperature, the constant view of 10 min after applying 50 mpa constant pressure, if the material is not issue from the mouth mould, after unloading material difficult temperature 10 degrees, insulation 10 min after applying the same size constant pressure, so to continue until the melt issue from the mouth mould, will be cut out this temperature 10 degrees is the material flow temperature. 5, decomposition temperature Td: refers to in the viscous flow of polymer when the temperature rises further, will be exacerbated the degradation of molecular chains, to make the temperature of the polymer molecular chain obvious degradation of decomposition temperature. A: food packaging have what conditions? Next article: advantages and characteristics of antistatic bag
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