Though don't need to know to tell you about composite packaging features

by:Kolysen     2020-07-29
Compound bag is made of polyester, nylon, aluminum foil and other special polyolefin film made composite film adhesive through dry compound process, and then through curing, cutting, cooking bags. Compound bag after the packaging of food, but also by the 121 ~ 135 ℃ high temperature sterilization, 30 ~ 40 min. Not only used for film bag to high temperature resistant, but also used in the adhesive film adhesive to high temperature resistant, otherwise prone to film after cooking as well as the bonding strength between declining, delaminating phenomenon. On the market at present is mainly used for cooking bags compound with adhesive is mainly imported products. By the chemical industry research institute recently developed a kind of resistance to 135 ℃ high temperature cooking bags with adhesive, several computer composite test, the boiling resistance, resistance to contents, security can satisfy the requirements of domestic manufacturer of health. Compound after folding bag packaged foods, to the 121 ~ 135 ℃, 30 ~ 40 min high-temperature sterilization processing, packaging materials used must be high temperature resistant. Commonly used in cooking bag packaging material with polyester ( PET) , nylon ( NY) , aluminum foil, Al) , cast polypropylene ( CPP) And so on. Adhesive is to use high temperature resistant cooking two-component polyurethane adhesive. Through the dry type composite technology made into composite membrane. Complex folding bag first base material is mainly elongation of small, high heat resistance materials, polyester ( PET) , nylon ( NY) And PET/Al composite film. The second substrate are mainly high extensibility, easy to heat deformation and low tensile strength of material, have cast polypropylene ( CPP) , aluminum foil, Al) And NY/CPP composite film. Dry compound process is the first base material mainly by the network cable roller coating junior bake, blast heating drying and the second substrate by composite steel roller heating pressure after winding composite membrane. And then sent to the chamber heating curing a few days later, after cutting bag making.
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