The wide use of PVC bags

by:Kolysen     2020-07-26
The widespread use of PVC packaging bags reason release date: 2020 - 03 - 31 what is the cause of the PVC bag is in used? To introduce below small make up for us. PVC is the two big advantages, first is still the consumption process. PVC bag consumption process is not complicated, the general consumer line generally by a rolling machine, printing machine, coating machine and cutting machine back, the first is through the mixing of moving roller, roller rotation and high temperature roller consumption out of thin film thickness is very thin, consumption and together through the printer on the membrane of the front design and color, back through the coater in membrane don't attach a back coating layer. This layer coating appears to be a small step, but is certainly very important, not less, it is an important guarantee for the function of PVC bag. Back coating is composed of special materials, is a kind of high affinity agent, it is because this layer coating, PVC film talent tightly and MDF sheet or other fuses in together, insist for a long time does not glue. And the problem that the general paste mask is unable to process the fading problem of membrane. PVC bags use frosted PVC materials of MWCNTS, with beautiful and durable, convenient use, soft, affordable prices, and other characteristics, high transparent PVC manufacturing, anti-static materials, special bags not adhesion, convenient use, fine workmanship, edge horn without burrs, it does not hurt the hand, zipper use smoothly with long service life, tight sealing pressure, not easy to fracture. Are all kinds of underwear, socks, documents, cosmetics, household goods, home textile products and other promotional packaging. On an article: how to distinguish the packaging film and composite film next article: food packaging material analysis
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