The transparency of plastic packaging bags are influenced by what way?

by:Kolysen     2020-11-15
There are a lot of friends, when choosing a plastic bags, often the transparency as a one of a reference standard to judge good or bad. Judge, usually directly to identify with the naked eye, compare two bags to see which of the transparent plastic bag is better, if good transparency means that the quality is good. But, in fact, the transparency of plastic bags is usually affected by many. You know the transparency of plastic packaging bags are influenced by what way? Below small make up for you is introduced: the transparency of plastic bags is influenced by the following aspects: 1, material: plastic bags of OPP material is better than PE material in plastic bags of transparency, and PE material of LDPE plastic bags than HDPE plastic bags better transparency. 2, ingredients: PE plastic bags, for example, if you add the reworked material, plastic bags will be black, affect transparency, if add the filling, bag will be white, also affect the transparency. 3, technical: blown film as the key control points or blown film on the transparency of plastic packaging bags, produce certain effect. 4, raw material grades: even if the same is PE material, the same is LDPE raw materials, different manufacturers, different type of plastic packaging bags of transparency is also different. The above introduction, the content of the some aspects of transparency is the influence of plastic bags. However, transparency and not as the only testing standard, plastic bags or just as one of the reference standard.
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