The strength of the plastic bags suture

by:Kolysen     2020-08-05
Plastic bags suture strength release time: 2020 05 - 18 plastic packaging factory in production, if it is a selection of old and new material mixing, paying special attention to the mixing uniformity, and in suture, about the strength also have strict requirements. Hem the clear plastic bags in the national standard to tensile load, and the bottom of the seam on cold cut compound membrane bags, suggest that choose edge processing plastic packaging bags, because cold cut marginal suture may, together with the weft wire to tear out from the warp. About the woven bag hooks side whipstitch week without strength requirement, stitch can close, yarn can be fine. Other, cohesion of the tensile strength of subject about the plastic bags, it is necessary to reach the basic strength requirements of more than 67%, at the bottom of the cohesion of the tensile strength of it is necessary to reach more than 42% of the basic strength. In fact, the main factors influencing the strength of plastic packaging bags suture, containing the variety and type of suture, stitch intrusive, stitch and edge or ruffled sutures to bag the scale of the edge, eager and cold cutting methods. A: plastic bags under the request of choose and buy of an article: pet food bags what are the advantages?
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