The role of deoxidizer in the red bag

by:Kolysen     2020-07-11
Red jujube is rich in protein, fat, sugars, organic acids, vitamin A, vitamin C, vitamin P, trace calcium, rich amino acids and other nutrients, in the process of circulation, ordinary package of red jujube is influenced by factors such as air moisture, oxidation, temperature, easy oxidation of nutrients by oxidative Browning, nutrients are not only lose itself nutritional effect after oxidation, it will generate some harmful oxide small molecules; Dry red date at the same time and a half to have certain moisture to keep the good taste, and polysaccharide material itself contains easy absorption of moisture, be affected with damp be affected with damp in the process of storing mold phenomenon will occur. Red bags with deoxidizer these problems can be solved. Deoxidizing agent is a kind of seal with food antistaling agent, because of its ingredients are nontoxic, harmless to human body, and not directly added to the food, so using DNA packaging more security. Deoxidizer preservation principle is the use of reduced iron powder oxidation reaction, the oxygen inside the package in a short time down to zero. Below 3%, make food for a long time in hypoxia state, effectively inhibit the growth of aerobic type microbial and aerobic reaction, keep food color and aroma, so as to achieve the goal of food preservation. To ensure that the red jujube used deoxidizer packaging purpose of preservation of the desired, need cooperation of ( 1) Choose the deoxidizer to stable quality, and according to the red jujube packaging size to choose the suitable model; ( 2) To choose the packing bag of oxygen transmission rate is relatively low, such as KOP/CPP, KPET/CPP, NY/PE or PET aluminized composite membrane materials, such as the low oxygen transmission rate bags deoxidizer can ensure continuous function, maintain the packaging for a long time in a relatively anaerobic condition; ( 3) Packing seal is tight, can not have any gas leakage seepage phenomenon; ( 4) In the process of using deoxidizing agent to avoid deoxidizer Lou empty time is too long, so as to avoid product failure.
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