The permeability of food packaging is how to test? These you want to know

by:Kolysen     2020-11-13
It is well known that oxygen for food quality has a great influence, and some food packaging ( Such as carbonated drinks, coffee, etc. ) Demand for air quantity of carbon dioxide also has serious, so the manipulation of the food inside the gas permeability of packaging materials and packaging organic gas content has become one of the first task of food packaging. Here, professional manufacturer of flexible packaging packaging experience analysis permeability influence on food, food packaging bags under food and simple introduction how to detect gas permeability of the packaging bags. A, 1, gas through the impact on the quality of food in the food oil oxidation, the oxidation can even under low temperature conditions. Oil peroxide oxidation to produce, not only makes people lose food and edible value, and can produce yixiu, produce toxic substances. 2, most of the food bacteria reproduction growth due to the presence of oxygen, causing food decay. 3, in the process of circulation of fresh fruits and vegetables in order if you don't choose necessary protection measures, fruits and vegetables can absorb oxygen for respiration to emit carbon dioxide and water, and consume a part of nutrition, vegetables, fruit overripe, soft, the flavor changes, etc. 4, at room temperature, the oxidation of Browning reaction much faster than heating Browning. About the flavor of food, such as easy oxidation of enrichment broth and Browning discoloration of food, even with a small amount of residual oxygen, can also cause Browning, make food flavor lose or change. 5, carbonated drinks, beer, coffee, juice and other products in addition to active oxygen, carbon dioxide also has a great influence on its quality. Second, permeability is check the primary method is introduced in order to avoid the occurrence of the above conditions, permeability is inspection of food packaging, to ensure that the packaging material gas barrier function is very necessary. Points from the inspection principle, permeability inspection method can be divided into the differential method and the analysis of power sensor method two kinds. 1, the principle of differential pressure method of inspection with thin film under test will check the cavity separated into two independent space, to which side, High pressure chamber) Filling the gas inspection, the differential pressure on both ends of the sample composition must, high pressure chamber of the gas through the membrane to the low pressure chamber, through the measurement of low pressure chamber can be concluded that the permeability of the gas pressure or volume changes. 2, coulometry method of sensor examination principle with thin film under test will check the cavity separated into two independent system of air, one side for the activity under test gas ( Can choose pure oxygen or mixed gas containing oxygen, can be set gas relative humidity) For the activity of nitrogen, the other side. Differential pressure at the ends of the specimen is equal but different oxygen partial pressure, under the effect of the concentration difference, through the membrane oxygen under nitrogen flow carrying capacity analysis to the sensor, and then calculate the material of the oxygen transmittance. Check the principle of differential pressure method and pressure method is different, different inspection conditions, test the effect of the unit is not the same ( The unit of differential pressure method is cm3 / m2 & bull; 24h• 0. 1 mpa, and constant pressure method is the unit of cubic cm/m2 & bull; d) , so without proofreading which are obtained by these two kinds of inspection measures, the raw data, I don't think you can compare in theory. But by using standard membrane calibration, pressure equipment and after calibration factor for formal test, differential pressure method and pressure test results can be compared. Due to the support of the theory of membrane technology, differential pressure method in gas permeability inspection as a basic way to use, the scientific research and testing organization choose this way more. It is about inspection gas no selectivity of interests, to different inspection the generality of the gas is very good. Travel with vacuum gauge detection technology, as well as the application of vacuum technology in equipment design, greatly improve the detection precision of the equipment and inspection data repeatability. Sensor method is followed the oxygen probe technology and sophisticated unceasingly appeared, due to the use of sensor type is a cost element, so the device calibration of the proceeds of the calibration factor is not effective for a long time, need according to the periodic calibration of requirements, and when the wastage of the sensor arrived it necessary to replace must be level.
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