The performance requirements for the tea bags have?

by:Kolysen     2020-07-05

it is well known that ascorbic acid is contained in tea, tea tannins, theine, aromatic oil, protein, catechin, lipids, vitamins, enzymes, pigment, pectin and minerals, and other ingredients, these compounds are susceptible to moisture, oxygen, temperature, light, and the influence of environmental odor and bad, in the tea farmers and tea merchants have attached great importance on the packaging, request the packing bag of tea is not only elegant appearance, design and easy, but also to be away from light, moisture, cut off air and oxygen, but for the first time outside and ensure that packaging material is food grade material, won't produce peculiar smell, thus affect the tea itself, therefore, how to select good tea bags, is also one of the focuses of the each tea farmers and tea merchants, guangdong industrial co. , LTD. Is engaged in the packaging industry has a history of more than 10 years, for packaging materials, packaging printing and packaging bag making process, has a very rich experience, for the tea bags that is also very understanding, how to select suitable for their products according to the specific tea bags? Our company for the tea, tea farmers to reassure one by one. 1. Tea should be moistureproof, tea bags need to be moistureproof effect! The moisture in the tea is tea biochemical changes of medium, low moisture content is conducive to the preservation of the tea quality. To the tea and tea can be preserved for a long won't change color, aroma, taste, the tea should not be more than 6% of water content, otherwise the ascorbic acid in tea break down, such as color, aroma and taste of the tea will change. Therefore, in the choice of packaging materials, had better choose moisture-proof performance good aluminized material or pure aluminum based composite material for the moisture. 2. Tea, anti-oxidation, tea bags to isolate air and oxygen! Too much oxygen content in tea can cause such as ascorbic acid in tea ingredients of the oxidation, influence the flavor of the tea, color, and shelf life. Therefore, on the packaging technology, vacuum packing method can be used to reduce the presence of oxygen, make tea tea packaging of oxygen content in the effective control under 1%. Vacuum packaging technology specific operation is as follows: the tea into the tightness good soft film bag, out of the air bag when packing, caused a certain degree of vacuum, then seal sealing packing, the purpose is to isolate air and oxygen, protect the tea color, aroma, taste stable, maintain its original quality. 3. Tea to shading. The tea bag to shading. Light can promote chlorophyll in tea and oxidation of lipid, etc, make the tea valeraldehyde, propionaldehyde odor material such as increase, accelerate the aging of tea, therefore, in the packaging of tea, have to shading to prevent other ingredients such as chlorophyll, lipid photocatalytic reaction. In addition, the ultraviolet ray also is the important factor causing the tea metamorphic. To solve such problem, you can make tea completely sealed, above the appearance design of the tea bags, fully USES the color of the large area coverage, leave no transparent window, make tea in a closed state completely can! 4. Tea bag choke. The fragrance of the tea is easily lost, and easily affected by the peculiar smell, especially composite membrane residual solvents and electric iron processing, heat sealing processing into the smell will affect the tea flavor, making the aroma of tea. Tea bag packaging materials, therefore, must choose the packing bag of food grade material, printing at the same time USES the food grade without benzene ketone ink printing, this will ensure the tea bags without peculiar smell, will not damage the flavor of the tea!

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