The paper introduces the application principle of vacuum bags for you

by:Kolysen     2020-07-20
The paper introduces the application principle of vacuum bags for you release date: 2019 - 10 - 09 vacuum bags all of us are not strange, vacuum packaging, extract all the air in the container is sealed and maintain bag at high stress state, the rare air of low oxygen effect, make no microorganisms living conditions, in order to achieve the purpose of fruit fresh, disease-free corrosion occurs. In daily production, some, such as crisp fragile, easy deformation oil food, have sharp edges or high hardness will puncture the vacuum bag and so on food, and through the vacuum packaging, vacuum bag inside air pressure is strong in the atmospheric pressure outside packing bag, can effectively prevent food are broken, deformation, and does not affect the packaging and printing packaging appearance, then what is the use of the principle of it? 1, after extracting vacuum, filling the nitrogen, carbon dioxide and other gases, nitrogen is inert gas, to play the role of a pack, to use vacuum packaging to keep positive pressure, in order to prevent the outside air into the bag, bag of food plays a protective role, carbon dioxide have 眘 bay mold, corruption is the active role of bacteria and other microorganisms. 2, the packaging and food of oxygen in cells removed, cost micro physical environment. When the concentration of oxygen in the packaging & le; 1%, microbial growth and reproduction rate fell sharply, oxygen concentration & le; 0. 5%, most microbes will be reined in and stop breeding. 3, vacuum deaeration besides inhibiting microbial growth and reproduction, another important function is to prevent the oxidation of the food, because the oil kind food contains A lot of unsaturated fatty acid, by the effect of oxygen oxidation, sour food, deterioration, in addition, the oxidation also make vitamin A and C loss, volatile substances in food pigment by the role of oxygen, make the color darker. So oxygen can effectively prevent food spoilage, maintain its color, aroma, taste and nutritional value. Due to vacuum packaging can effectively protect the food not damage, widely welcomed by people, is also quite frequently used in the vacuum packing bag in mouth, for some of the food packaging, packaging also has a certain use of cotton products. All in all, the application of vacuum bag is very extensive, it embodies all aspects of our lives. But one thing to remember the fruit is fresh food, is still in the respiration, altitude hypoxia can cause physiological diseases, therefore, less fruit class use vacuum packing. The previous: plastic valve bag under the matters needing attention when using a: plastic bags without damage to open
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