The main technical points vacuum packaging cold fresh meat

by:Kolysen     2020-08-06
Vacuum-packed meat is commonly used method in the world. China as the world's largest meat consumption country, its export or domestic market, widely used vacuum packing technology of cold fresh or frozen meat. Vacuum packing can make to the meat has a longer shelf life and a more stable quality, to ensure the products with the best state to enter the market. Here we introduce how to vacuum packaging of cold fresh meat. Resistance of oxygen bag generally stored in a cool and dry place below 30 ℃ advisable. As soon as possible after slaughtering animals, carcasses must be precooling below 10 ℃, the hind legs center temperature fall below 10 ℃. In the process of vacuum packing mainly has three, respectively is: 1) Within the division between, good control of temperature and speed of processing. The time duration of the meat in the division between should not be more than 40 minutes. This means that the body from the room into the bone to vacuum packing after back inside the cold storage time should not be a total of more than 40 minutes. 2) Hygiene is vital in any cold fresh meat packaging system. In the process of slaughtering and boneless attaches great importance to the health it is very necessary. Meat should not be piled up on the partition table, because it will cause some products & other; After advanced throughout the &; , which leads to the temperature, bacteria breeding. 3) High quality packaging materials. Ensure that your suppliers to provide you with the packing bag of the correct size, and packaging materials conform to the requirements of the food safety standards. Make sure that your bags size conforms to correct specifications. When using a bagger, load will become easier. Don't use too large or too small bags. Not suitable for the size of the packing will influence the vacuum effect, and can shrink packaging becomes more difficult. Bags will cause unnecessary waste. Always keep the inside of the mouth clean, no meat scraps. From the bag to the process of vacuum packaging packaging materials shall not be damaged. When you put the meat in a vacuum machine cavity after bagging, please make sure that no seal stick to pull the bag mouth too tight. Inside the bag left about 50 & ndash; 75 mm of free space, this will help better packaging performance. Smooth the bags in the sealing at the crease, put the bag in a bag with a product smoothly into the vacuum chamber, ensure that the open side of the bag completely in a vacuum chamber. For larger pieces, to ensure that the inner packing bag sealing side with the free space of about 50 mm. This helps to vacuum packing, in the process of transportation in the future, also can reduce the pressure of shrink packaging is. Make sure the vacuum machine work. Make sure that the cover sealing strip to be in good condition, and there is no the trace of burned or damaged. Because the damage of the sealing bag can overall sealing performance of packing damage, resulting in leakage, packaging losses to you and your customer. Protected to maintain more economic than damage after maintenance, more effective. Why the shrinkage resistance oxygen bag? 1) Contraction process upset the bags, packaging materials more tough; 2) Shrink packing eliminates wrinkles and fine stripes, prevent blood fat infiltration and influence of color and taste; 3) Caused by shrinkage reduced the membrane fold & other; Capillary & throughout; Phenomenon. 4) Shrinkage can further decrease the oxygen permeability of the packaging bags. 5) When the distribution in the process of packaging damaged carelessly, after a contraction packaging is not easy to loosen, so that the meat is in a state of relative protection, and reduce the loss. 7. Use the hot water tank or contraction equipment such as automatic shrink tunnel, the temperature should be controlled at 83 ℃ & ndash; 85℃。 1) If the pipe is too hot, may & other; Burns & throughout; The surface of the meat. 2) If the temperature is too low, packaging can't normal shrinkage, bring risks to meat. 3) In the process of production, to check the shrinkage temperature regularly. 4) Vacuum-packed meat shrink in hot water for 1 & ndash; 1. 5 seconds. The correct packing. 1) After vacuum shrinkable packaging of meat must be strict inspection before packing; 2) Put the meat into the box, fat side up. Don't throw the meat after packing into the carton, this may cause the packing leakage. 3) Don't put the cartons too full. Overcrowded carton will damage the vacuum bags, thereby causing loss to the products. Operating points. 1) Keep the bag at the top of the up, the sealing to the top of the carton; 2) Cartons of meat fat face up; 3) Avoid prolonged processing, remember: 40 minutes from the carcass into bone room to meat back into the cold storage time limit; 4) Avoid cartons piled up too much meat; 5) The cartons shall not be too high; 6) In the bone room keep meat continued to move, time delay will cause temperature rise and bacterial growth; 7) All the bag in order, not only bring the top of the bag; 8) Quickly put the meat after packing back inside the cold storage; 9) Must be within 24 hours will meat reduced to 0 ℃ to 1 ℃ temperature.
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