The effectiveness of high-temperature cooking bags

by:Kolysen     2020-08-04
High temperature cooking bags, is a interdisciplinary bag can be heat treated. It also replaces the heating can packaging. Food can be intact inside the bag, after high temperature sterilization heating, before serving. A lot of meat on the market at present is using high-temperature cooking bags to packaging. High-temperature cooking bags of the demand is higher, the structure of the outer select high strength polyester ( PET) Thin film, the middle layer selection with shading and tightness of the aluminum foil, lining with polypropylene ( pp) Thin film. Its main points and three and four layers. Three layer structure are: PET/AL/CPP, PPET/PA/CPP two, four layer structure of PET/AL/PA/CPP. High-temperature cooking bags are many, the advantages of high temperature sterilization products using high barrier property of packaging materials, not only at room temperature storage shelf life longer, and transportation, warehousing, sales is very convenient, very suitable for the demand of modern society. High temperature cooking bags need to detect? One is the inspection of raw materials, high temperature resistance, health fitness; Second, film composite process of inspection, the appearance, viscosity, coating amount, the most important thing is the amount of residual solvents; Three is in the process of bag making examination, size, heat sealing edge strength; The last point is resistant to high temperature cooking check.
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