The design of the plastic bag production requirements

by:Kolysen     2020-11-13
Whether to stores to buy things or their own home, you can see the plastic bag. The use of plastic bag, not only can provide convenient for shoppers, also can let the enterprises to promote products or brand again. However, the production of plastic bag is not so simple, it also need to satisfy the requirement of some design and production. So the design of the plastic bag made for what? Below small make up for you is introduced: the design of the plastic bag production requirements: 1, the wear resistance. Plastic bag can be repeated use, compared with paper bags for longer service life. 2, sealing. Different packing, also have different requirements to seal degree. Under normal circumstances, however, need to seal the product usually has the property of damp and moldy. As a result, most industrial sealing performance requirements for plastic bag is generally high. 3, practical plastic bag in the process of design and production, manufacturers need to remind customers to use full consideration in the form of concrete, such as the environment, the use of commercial property, transportation, storage environment, and should consider whether the food packaging, is harmless to human body health, etc. 4, save. The goods according to customer's different conditions, the plastic bag to choose appropriate materials and reasonable ratio, design the plastic bag should be suitable for different industries. Some plastic products, for example, fear of direct sunlight for a long period of time, it's bad to the preservation of product. Is the above introduction, the content of the plastic bag some of the design and production requirements. In addition to these aspects, of course, also need to undertake choosing according to the actual needs of their own, so production out of the plastic bag can better satisfy your every need.
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