The advantages of composite bags

by:Kolysen     2020-07-08
A, has the advantages of high strength: because of the composite materials have different characteristics compared with the single layer film material, composite bags lining has a strong resistance to puncture, tear resistance, compound bag, can according to the different material combinations to make suitable for high temperature sterilization scenario and the packing bag of low temperature cold storage scene 3, compound bag printed in ink adhesion good bag appearance beautiful, more can reflect the value of the goods. Four, barrier property, security, good, has the characteristics of fragrant not leak sealing, not easy be affected with damp be affected with damp and for air tightness by five bacteria pollution, stable chemical properties at room temperature, strong acid and alkali, can be placed for long, has strong shading, liquid products and other products will not happen because the light problem, compound bag can fill nitrogen preservation products, especially in crispy food packaging use very much compound bag has a mature production technology, production cost is low, the market widely used, has a wealth of bag type, such as three edge sealing, back sealing bag, four autoregulating, eight edge-sealing etc. Seven, high transparency, collocation of all kinds of bag, can provide products with strong visual impact, more intuitive to express the product itself characteristic, conducive to product sales. Eight, compound bag have high stretchability and high air tightness, can be used for vacuum packing, extend the storage time of the product. Composite bags is the core of monolayer film chemical properties and physical properties of products can be used according to the scene, make different material collocation, can supply various advantages and disadvantages between the thin film, improve the functional and use range. Composite bags due to the chemical properties of stability, high air tightness, barrier property, security, etc. , have often been widely used in food packing, daily necessities, cosmetics packaging, chemical products packaging and other industries.
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