Tell you use the vacuum bags need to pay attention to?

by:Kolysen     2020-07-22
Tell you use the vacuum bags need to pay attention to? Release date: 2019 12 - 25 in daily life, food is packed in bags, mostly including vacuum packing bag is indispensable, so need to be noted in the use of vacuum packing bag? 1. Vacuum packing bags must have the Chinese label, indicate the factory name, factory address, product name, and marked with the words 'food used in obvious places. Products after product inspection certificate attached. This kind of food vacuum bag more secure. 2. Color vacuum bag cannot be used for food packaging, on the market at present is using a deep red or black. Because the vacuum bag is usually made from recycled plastic. Not very safety and health. 3. Vacuum packing bag factory with no odor or smell, food bag has a special smell, cannot be used as food packaging bags. In addition, the flavor can be reused. Who knows what before, especially food containers should pay attention to this point. 4. Try to use the vacuum bags, used for coating or coating food. Because many businesses in the modern packaging design using a large number of coating material to make the packaging more beautiful and corrosion resistance. This not only difficult to recycle and reuse materials after waste products, and most of the paint itself is toxic, if people eat these food bag packaging of food, they can cause great damage to human body. In addition, the coating and coating technology also brings great pollution to the environment. For example, if the coating volatile poisonous solvent gas, it will generate residual liquid, its contain heavy metals, such as the waste pollution in the process of chromium and electroplating. Therefore, we should use as much as possible without coating or coating of vacuum packing bag. Above all content is for packing bags of food vacuum installation requirements and write. If not the food packaging bags, can relax a lot. A: food packaging manufacturer to introduce you to transparency is bad the next packet: winter use of food packaging composite needs to pay attention to
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