Teach you how to identify simple toxic food packaging bags?

by:Kolysen     2020-06-29
“ What do you think what kind of food packaging to buy the rest assured? ” The guangdong industrial co. , LTD. Small make up randomly asked a dozen consumers in the supermarket. Said that most of them had never considered this, & other; In the large supermarket should have no problem. ” Also have told small make up two customers, they choose the packing standard is to see if the printing fine, clean, that kind of a see more coarse food packaging is never buy it. Exquisite packaging is safe? Perhaps most people will give you the conclusion of recognition, but the expert's opinion, but was not quite so. The hidden danger of food packaging, often appear in your unexpected places. Bright color, ink into hidden dangers. Bright-coloured colour means using more ink, it will increase the ink of heavy metals and solvents to the packaging migration opportunities both within and outside bag. Once the harmful substances into the packing content, will inevitably cause a lot of security problems. In Japan, for example, the 'food hygiene law explicitly request, food packaging can't be too loud, and printed food packaging must be used when no benzene ink, in order to reduce the hazards. Especially children's food packaging, colour cannot too much, this is also in order to control the ink usage, and want to have an isolation membrane inner packing. In addition, the market sales of fancy disposable paper cup, too. In general, when the colourful colour exceeds half directly connected to the top, people drink the water in the mouth will direct contact to the ink and cause potential safety hazard. Put toys, snacks. In order to attract children to buy more and more in the snack would throw in small toys. These little toys is comes in a thin plastic bags, and snacks. This is easy to cause the plastic bags of toys and snacks grease reacts precipitation pests, if plastic bags break, plastic toys will pollution snacks. In Japan, many children's food is a toy, but the toys are on the outside of the packs and packaging, absolutely not like many domestic businesses, into the food bag inside. Plastics can't put hot food, greasy food. Now people use a lot of plastic material, some, such as polyethylene, polypropylene plastic is safe, can be used for holding food, and many restaurants, selling early use of the thin film but most by not holding food of polyvinyl chloride (PVC) plastic bags. With them just out of the pan Fried dough sticks, hot noodles, etc. , it may lead to harmful material leakage, easy cause chronic poisoning long period of time. If you are not qualified plastic bags, also some problems such as decoloring, will also be a carcinogenic risk. In addition, the same as plastic products of plastic wrap is also had better not be used for direct packing meat, cooked food and grease food or heating. In Canada, all plastic packaging for food must indicate the highest temperature can reach. The excessive packaging, pollution may soar. Now the food, as long as it is to send out as gift, is the inevitable result to elaborate the packing collocation, none miserly layer upon layer all kinds of packaging materials. This will not only directly affect the prices of the goods, and may cause serious damage to human body health. For example, using PVC material made of moon cakes is contains a lot of poisonous and harmful material. The moon cake containing fat is more, the poisonous and harmful substances dissolved in oil is migrated to moon cakes, will cause harm to human body health. The domestic eight edge-sealing bag leader - Guangdong industrial co. , LTD. Manager wang remind consumers choose normal big supermarket or mall shopping. Formal shopping malls, food safety are more assured, roadside stands, the less contact, the better.
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