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by:Kolysen     2020-07-07
“ 23, TangGua sticky, kitchen god master to heaven & throughout; … … Old, each to the twelfth month, the children are singing songs, looking forward to the adults buy TangGua back off year. Yesterday at the north off-year in NaSanTiao market, the old man surnamed jia peddled TangGua knocked on the gong in the cold wind, that moment, wafts of the New Year, many young people rushed to the old man stand, buy some TangGua tradition. At the same time, in the wholesale markets and supermarkets, reporter discovery, all kinds of dried fruit, candy, and other traditional goodies for snack food is also popular. However, the price of dried fruit candy are not cheap, people buy up more & other; Fewer but better & throughout; 。 Candy: 20 yuan a catty of goodies for majority despite the candy in the shopping list of position far less than before, but for moral next day sweet candy, so most people still always want to buy some more or less. Of sweets in the supermarket this year and in previous years, as rich and colorful, packaging color is gorgeous, inspired by the citizens could not help but want to see in the past. Yesterday, the reporter visited the northland, carrefour BaoLongCang, yong hui and other several supermarket candy zones, see bulk sugar are mainly concentrated in hsu fu chi, yake, dove brand, etc. And taste of chocolate candy, candy, jelly, fruit, candy and so on foot there are dozens of. On price, 20 yuan a catty of mainstream; Chocolate candy to expensive, about 40 to 50 yuan a catty; Some assorted preserved fruits of sugar prices are relatively low, almost all supermarkets have depreciate sales promotion activity, after the preferential prices generally at twelve three yuan a kilo. Reporter discovery, now people buy sugar is fewer but better, some plastic bags in each sample. It is understood that now of chocolate candy sales growth, mainly due to modern people don't like too sweet greasy things. Retail varieties of dried fruits: rich, all fire in major supermarkets, bulk of nuts, north and south and leisure food also attracted many citizens choose, walnuts, pine nuts, cashew nuts, pistachios, hazelnuts, dried beef jerky, beef, fish, raisins, hawthorn volumes, etc. , are very rich. In addition to bulk food, some delicate & other; Mini packaging & throughout; Snack food is quite popular with consumers. Ms smart ni ran to the wholesale market, big jujube, longan, happy fruit, raisins, wholesale. “ Wholesale market is a lot cheaper, every year I come here to wholesale all kinds of dried fruit, Chinese New Year when the children come back, don't worry as snacks. ” Ms ni said.
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