Plastic bag printing with 4 to ensure the quality of plastic bag printing

by:Kolysen     2020-11-14
Press the structure and determines the quality of the print operation, and the four elements are: scraping blade, embossing roller, ink system, drying box. Here, professional manufacturer of flexible packaging is from these four aspects to interpret the bag factory is how to ensure the quality of packaging printing. 1, scrape to print out a good product to excess ink scraper, not run a dirty, ink ( Run color) Line, the knife, you must put scraper hardness, making appropriate adjustments placed height, Angle. 2, embossing roller embossing roller and pressure of the size of the hard and soft materials, directly affect the amount of ink in print. Embossing roller hardness material impact on ink quantity, the material of rubber roller hard on small amount of ink and the material of rubber roller soft on large amount of ink. On the rubber roller pressure is large, large amount of ink. On the rubber roller pressure is small, small amount of ink. Print pattern is deep, demand embossing roller material harder; Print pattern is shallow, demand material soft embossing roller. Printing speed need embossing roller material hard, printing speed slow to choose material soft embossing roller. 3, printer ink circulation system must be good, the moment to keep ink in continuous flow. Always want to keep the consistency of ink viscosity, timing measurement, timing and solvent. Old and new ink to mixed in proportion to use. Using the composite solvent. To prevent the occurrence of precipitation, the proportion of the amount of ink imbalance, the rough phenomenon. It is best to use a pump and stir the ink stick ink circulation, pay attention to the ink bucket shoulds not be too big, ink tank size wants moderate. 4, one of the keys to improve printing speed drying box, is the effect of drying oven. Ink is hot air blow dry, not by heating to dry. Heat, the higher the prints of the ink is not easy to do, first of all, temperature is too high, can make the ink appearance conjunctiva. Second table do not fake in dry phenomenon in the ink premature low boiling point solvent volatilization, high boiling point solvent residual, dry at a slower pace. In the 40 - required drying box, temperature 50 degrees, the wind cannot be directly on the film, heat cannot directly baked on the membrane surface, to astonishing exhaust resistance, not to run to print and printing ink groove on the wind, drying box with the secondary return air function is better.
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