PE bag, OPP adhesive bags of different purposes

by:Kolysen     2020-07-30
PE bag is actually let's bag, its various styles, beautiful. According to the material: PE is divided into LDPE, HDPE and LLDPE. According to the production process is divided into: PE bag, valve bag, folder chain bag, envelope bag, punching bag, arm in arm, hand bag, zipper bag, PE film. Flat pockets for relatively simple production process, PE blown film by machine, and then to bag making machine cut into one bag, one above the bottom sealing. Valve bag is made by machine blown film with a bone, manual and sealing. Unlike folder chain bag, generally easy to confuse the two bag. Chain bag is made of PE film, in the above article plus 2 double chain ( The double chain is a separate out) Produced bag, PE plastic bag on both sides tend to have more wide indentation, and valve bag is not. Valve bag printing color, and chain bag can printing complex design. PE bag and the opp bag for example bottom bag factory tell you opp adhesive bag is actually a kind of adhesive bag, valve bag is mouth has a sealing line, the mouth on both sides of the line, to its compression is closed, forcibly dragged away you can open the bag, not use glue, can use repeatedly. It's good sealing. Mouth have a glue, with a small plastic paper cover, when need to seal when exposed to tear to plastic production glue, can seal the bag, is generally a one-time, dust jacket belongs to the bag. Experimental data show that the new type sealing OPP film is more than double its traditional film, so that the moisture of their products, preservation sex is stronger, last longer; Has high tensile strength, light weight, non-toxic, tasteless, environmental protection, the advantages of wide use.
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