Packs should tell you how to choose the suitable packing bag

by:Kolysen     2020-07-27
With the continuous development of economy, industry, they wish to actual demand is increasing, and its performance is very outstanding, therefore, very popular. People are often at the time of buying all kinds of food, the seller will provide free food bag, convenient for consumers, for businesses, when food bag of choose and buy, the matters needing attention of many, specific what, how many people know? Listen to food bag manufacturer the following detailed introduction for you. 1, food packaging plastic bags must have the Chinese label, label producer name and address, product name, and clearly marked throughout &; Used for food & throughout; With the words. 2, the products are provided after 6 certificate. Food with plastic packaging factory is no smell, no hide, plastic bags, with special gas ignorance cannot be used for food packaging. 3, colored plastic bags can not be used in food packaging. 4, do use without coating, cross a layer of material. Modern packaging design, in order to make the packaging more beautiful, corrosion resistant, big in the use of the attached cross layer materials. This not only brings to the after product scrap material recycling and reuse of the difficulties, but most of the paint itself has toxicity, if people eating the packaging of food, can produce very big harm to people body. Coating, plating process also brings great pollution to the environment. Such as evaporation coating toxicity of dissolved gas, produce the heavy metals such as chromium when electroplating liquid and solid waste pollution, etc. 5, when food shopping, had better choose the green packaging materials, it is advisable to choice the original paper packaging or biodegradable plastics.
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