Packs of 'sugar free' is there really no sugar

by:Kolysen     2020-06-17
A, sugar-free food sugar-free food's main advantage is that the advantages of low quantity of heat, rise is slow, blood sugar for diabetics and people to lose weight is very beneficial, now people are promoting & other; Low quantity of heat & throughout; Life, as a healthy lifestyle. So the sugar-free food is loved by people. Second, & other; Sugar-free & throughout; Food is not really does not contain sugar we usually buy sugar-free food is not without sugar, but the quantity is little, or a little. They wish as long as the nutritional information contains & other; Aspartame & throughout; 、“ Sweet & throughout; 、“ Dextrin & throughout; 、“ Maltose & throughout; 、“ Starch syrup & throughout; 、“ Corn syrup & throughout; When words, these ingredients can be absorbed by human body eventually converted to glucose, so choose sugar-free food should pay attention to check the nutrition table, try to choose oligosaccharides and sugar alcohol products. Three, pre-loaded are printed on the bags & other; Sugar-free & throughout; The requirements of the food is not all the food packaging can be printed with & other; Sugar-free & throughout; Logo, need to satisfy some conditions, according to the rules of relevant regulations, claims & other; Sugar-free & throughout; 、“ Contains no sugar & throughout; , need to satisfy the following conditions: per 100 g per 100 ml of liquid solid food or food in the sugar content is less than 0. 5g。 In this case, the sugar is: monosaccharides and disaccharides. When the product meet & other; Sugar-free & throughout; Conditions, we can be in any position of the label & other; Sugar-free & throughout; Or & other; Contains no sugar & throughout; Words, at the same time under the nutritional information must be labeled with a sugar content, if the content of carbohydrate is 0, then you can not content of sugar.
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