Packaging printing the sticky problem eight solution for you

by:Kolysen     2020-07-05
Anti sticking phenomenon one: ink and heat-resistant properties of the resin and formula itself, it makes clear dot under certain pressure, and temperature reach or exceed the limit of ink resin heat resistance under the condition of this occurs, high printing quality stacked in the warehouse also can appear the stick and decoloring phenomenon, especially in the rainy season, the flexible packaging enterprises should strengthen transportation and warehouse drafty, try to avoid even the appearance of high temperature. Secondly to ink supplier improvement opinions. Ink suppliers can be adjusted according to the printing equipment. 【 Packaging printing 】 2: anti sticking phenomenon appears in the printed after winding. When the second process, such as composite or bag or cutting, found that has anti sticking phenomenon, this kind of adhesive is basically one of the more serious, some slight can be treated by compound after clean. The reasons for the stick 1, winding tension too tight. 2, printing ink drying is not completely. 3, mixed solvent is not pure, especially ethyl ester, ethanol, and so on. 4, ratio of solvent is not suitable for printing equipment of the machine speed, drying temperature. 5, printing drying equipment temperature control is not stable, or into the exhaust does not match. 6, print design below. 7, product placement after printing. Solution 1, workshop according to the different printing materials, to adjust the appropriate winding tension, and make the relevant data records. The plane of the best tension should be hand pressure soft hard moderate. Especially don't use transparent ink winding roller pressure. 2, choose better dry ink, pay attention to the communication with the ink supplier, enterprise product structure and the requirement of printing ink. If you have extra color printing group membrane can be more than a few, to handle with the cold wind. 3, each batch to test for a solvent purity, puts forward the specific requirements for solvent supplier. And the storage of the solvent and extracting note cannot operate in wet area. Ventilated cool storage area storage location is the best. 4, attention should be paid to the solubility of solvent evaporation rate, pay attention to the resin type to match with ink itself. Pay attention to the ink viscosity, ink ink film thickness of the glue has a certain influence. 5, pay attention to check printing equipment stable drying temperature is normal, especially pay attention to in exhaust air volume matches. 6, the layout design should pay attention to had better not too dieyin ink lines, next also pay attention to the drying of the metallic ink and ink viscosity control. 7, printing products placed after do not horizontally stacked, can choose to place hanging or vertical way. 8, the packing bag of bags after stacking or already packaged goods color on the surface of a transfer to another on the back of the bag ( With printing or without printing) , this kind of phenomenon occurs few purple or color. This often and storage environment also has relationship with the performance of the ink itself. It is the main reason for the color, that is to say, when using the color of the ink printing, printing quality in a certain amount of time, pressure, or other special circumstances, such as packing clothes PE bag ( Use table printing ink for printing) in the Soon there will be a penetrating phenomenon. In these products, flexible packaging enterprises should fully understand the good product packaging form and requirements, select the appropriate ink testing, confirmed to meet the requirements of product ink before mass production, can effectively reduce the occurrence of quality problems such as the sticky, reduce the loss.
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