Packaging printing how big a role to play in the market

by:Kolysen     2020-07-10
Commodity packaging products design have become a combination of science, art, culture, need the unique creative, kit kat conception and the perfect combination of modern technology. Commodity packaging products design as the creation of a highly knowledge intensive activity, the induced consumption, enhance the competitiveness of their products and promote the development of enterprises play an important role in such aspects. Therefore, packaging products to consumer psychology has a great influence, even can control their awareness of the product and feel. To this, the enterprises should heart function for goods packaging products in-depth research. 【 Packaging printing 】 ( A) Juvenile and children's psychological impact young, children is a kind of typical perceptual consumption, they think & other; Product packaging is the most important factor, pay more attention to the visual impression of goods. Children in infants, mainly is the physiological needs, as the growth of the age, from his instinct need for the development of self-awareness to join to the need of the society. Later, as the growth of the age, imitation consumption gradually replaced by have personality characteristics of consumption. ( 2) For young consumer psychological youth self-awareness is one of the most concentrated expression in the development of youth personality, independent intention of youth is very strong, rich inner, enthusiasm is bold and unrestrained, full of fantasy. Therefore, young people's demand for commodities is fashionable and novel, is often the adopters of new products, they do not want to lag behind The Times, the pursuit of new trend of The Times is the most common psychological. ( 3) Impact on female consumer psychology of female consumer groups aesthetic influences the social consumption trend. Female consumers also pay attention to the practicability and commodity specific benefits, as well as the commodity convenience and creative in their lives. Therefore, designers should be properly applied in commodity packaging design of modern women's psychological characteristics and its change trend, make the packaging color, style can induce female emotions. Commodity packaging design, color clear, warm; Attention should be paid to publicity and fashion commodity packaging, consumption tendency; As long as know the female consumer buying motivation and demand, and the decision-making process of psychological activity can always grasp the female consumer market of new opportunity and the consumer market and development trend of change.
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