Packaging printing: do not use teeth to tear the plastic bags

by:Kolysen     2020-06-22
With the speeding up of the pace of life, in order to convenient and save time, more and more people begin to online shopping. Many people tear down the Courier for the sake of brevity when simply by hand, but someone hurt express hands before and after the allergy, such as present to red a knot in one's hand itching or allergies. 【 Packaging printing 】 Sources of raw materials of domestic express packaging is more complicated, more for the living garbage, packaging manufacturers use chemical materials such as processed again, which left a large amount of harmful substances, such as plasticizer, flame retardants, etc. , may cause skin irritation. Some harmful substances into the body, may also affect kidney through the circulation of the blood, bone, etc. In addition, many express will haunt tape on the package, which contains a lot of polyvinyl chloride (PVC), if forcibly with the hand to tear, may damage the skin and respiratory tract. Remove express package, therefore, had better use scissors and split after delivery packaging of the scissors or knife to clean again to cut other food packaging, so as to avoid pollution of food.
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