Packaging manufacturer to remind you the rational use of plastic bags

by:Kolysen     2020-08-03
Plastic bags is indispensable to modern life a packaging tool, especially small and medium-sized objects. But some items cannot be packed in plastic bags to, for everybody's health, suggest you must reasonable use packet. First, with or without black plastic bags packaged food less as far as possible in real life, most black plastic bags are more pungent bad smell, and uneven surface printing color turbidity, burning more smelly, like has the characteristics of toxic plastic products, plastic bags are so remind you don't use as much as possible. Second, try not to bring bags to heat food in life many meat cooked foods are packed in vacuum bags, not only provides class, also convenient to carry, but also extended the shelf life. But in food when heated, not directly with packing heating, heating is easy to produce carcinogens, plastic bags cause great harm to human body, this is all consumers should pay attention to the problem. As far as possible to recycle the packing bag of fine to the supermarket shopping can bring BuDou or plastic bags, repeated use of things, get another garbage in the dustbin after using it. Will buy clothes packaging can be used to receive other clothes, advocate recycling or had better not, because most of these are still non-biodegradable plastic bags, can cause serious pollution to the environment, so I hope we can to protect the environment, use less plastic bags or plastic bags.
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