Now composite bags can 100% degradation

by:Kolysen     2020-07-01
The main components of the composite bags is composed of various plastic laminating, most of the material is PE, PA, PET, BOPP, YOPP, CPP and molecular structure of these materials is close together, such as fully biodegradable need time of more than one hundred years. The emergence of biodegradable materials, as if to solve the problem. But the current penetration rate, and 100% degradation is still a problem? Some even can be called pseudo degradation, such as starch based ( Biological basis) It is the main ingredient, ordinary high density polyethylene, low density polyethylene, starch and various additives, made of principle is the use of starch decompose faster, increasing the area of the surface contact with the air bag, accelerated the process of oxidation, in a short period of time to make with disintegrated into a small plastic particles, and these small particles is difficult to degrade, eventually forming the pollution than ordinary plastic bags. Considered to reach all the degradation bacteria decomposition, and light oxidation environment into small molecules such as water, carbon dioxide and methane. Degradation of course, there are more mature biodegradable materials such as PBAT, PLA, etc. But the penetration and functional problems still remain to be resolved. 1. For composite food packaging material performance, for example, require security and stability of evaporation, avirulent insipidity, no penetration, has a certain toughness and air tightness. And biodegradable materials, PBAT aliphatic ( Adipic acid butyl glycol ester) And aromatic ( Butyl glycol terephthalate) Copolymer, PBAT processing performance is very similar with LDPE, usable LDPE blown film processing equipment. But the tensile strength and tightness, etc all could not reach the requirements of composite food packaging bags. Another kind of biodegradable PLA, poly (lactic acid) (PLA) is the use of renewable plant resources, Such as corn, cassava, etc. ) The proposed starch material. Get glucose starch raw materials by saccharification, again by glucose and certain strains of lactic acid fermentation to make high purity, again through the chemical synthesis method of synthesis of polylactic acid of certain molecular weight. Although its has good biodegradable properties, but in the specific environment is needed to fully biodegradable. Into carbon dioxide and water. Because most of the material is starch, so there are still some problems on stability, there will be some flavor to food. 2. Production costs, due to technical reasons, the production cost of biodegradable material can be more costly than ordinary plastic film. In terms of the current market most businesses are difficult to accept. Conclusion: in accordance with the standards of composite bags, biodegradable materials in comparison with ordinary materials still has certain gap, are mainly users and merchants, cannot accept biodegradable material cost and performance problems. The biodegradable material is primarily used in single plastic bag.
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