Need to pay attention to what aspects when printing plastic bags?

by:Kolysen     2020-07-20
Need to pay attention to what aspects when printing plastic bags? Release date: 2019 10 - 30 bags daily used refers to direct contact with food, used for holding and protecting the food film container. Is normally used for packing all kinds of fresh food industry. If this would work shall be carried out in accordance with the costumed product type classification of food packaging bags, can be roughly points common food packaging, vacuum packaging, or boiled food packaging, inflatable food and functional food packaging. So food sack the scope of application in life there are many, but you know packs in printing need to pay attention to what? Today under the small make up take you to have a good understanding of food bag which points need to be paid attention to when printing? A: food packaging printing to make appropriate adjustments on roller pressure; If it is the heavy ink, solid bottom is too big and easy to stick ink roller. Therefore, to reduce the pressure of a cylinder, printing the to add some additives or quote adhesive ink, to ensure uniform pressure. Packaging printing will be affected by any carelessness when rolling rubber; If it is the heavy ink, solid bottom is too big and easy to stick rubber or stick ink roller. Therefore, to reduce the pressure of a cylinder before printing, rubber bag lining to reduce. In order to avoid sticky rubber, rubber, ink to add some additive or quote adhesive, at the same time, avoid double zhang, zhang and paper skewed more, to ensure uniform pressure not rolling rubber. Second, the food packaging printing as well as other print, need accurate rules, otherwise it will affect its quality. When printed according to the paper thickness adjustment before the gauge height and side pressure gauge board, but also adjust the lose of cardboard pressure, pressure roller and the brush wheel on paper tape to tighten loose. Found that rule is not good when the phone is switched on, check from time to time chart, and a paper roller and pressure roller pressure; For thicker paper, pressure roller and brush wheel pressure is heavier pressure. And detect the paper time and gauge, and lateral gauge and put teeth transition time, found that the problem handled in time, until the up and down and around rules accurately without error. Three, inky have a direct impact on printing quality, the packing of goods plays a very important role in protection and decoration, packaging and printing quality is good or bad will directly affect the people's aesthetic and consumption. Therefore, printing and packaging, be sure to meet quality standard. To complete the delicate and beautiful products, we will need to complete each step of printing work earnestly, there will be substantial profits and quality. A: aluminum foil bag packaging aseptic processing next article: how to do the identification way of PE plastic bag or PVC bag
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