Japan's decision to start from 2016 annual comprehensive rice exports to China - Rice bags

by:Kolysen     2020-06-19
Japan's decision to comprehensive rice exports to China since 2016. God's food such as five Japanese rice wholesaler and organization will be started after the summer's exports to China. Increasing due to the country and aging, the Japanese domestic demand for rice is declining, therefore decided to delicious and high quality Japanese brand rice sold in China as a consumer power. Earlier, exports to China's rice exports is limited to the combination of national agricultural cooperative federation (Japan Hereinafter referred to as: all farmers) 。 But is the earliest Japanese five Japanese rice wholesaler since the summer and will start the exports to China. Five wholesalers or organizations for food, Hokkaido's god Hokuren combination of agricultural cooperative federation, as well as rice wholesaler gods holdings ( Kobe) , qian tian Mizuho ( ). , of yokohama. And Syokuren Hokkaido, All know Ann town) 。 The original plan for export in dalian. God's food exports 5 tons of Hokkaido brand rice & other; Dream beauty m ( yume - pirika) ” 。 Syokuren Hokkaido, meanwhile, is expected to export quantity is 15 tons of rice, but said & other; What product will be determined in consultation with the local customer specific export & throughout; 。 Japan's agriculture, forestry and fisheries ministry, said the Chinese government on the quarantine, only allow imported through the whole agricultural subsidiary in kanagawa prefecture in the processing factory production of rice. In the province's suggestion, the wood, food and so on five god wholesalers and the organization decided to use in kanagawa prefecture related export rice plant. Japan's exports to China in 2015 less than 600 tons of rice. To this end, the Japanese agriculture, forestry and water province will promote the market development by increasing exporters, implementation to expand exports to China.
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