How to identify eight edge-sealing flat zipper bag added recycled material?

by:Kolysen     2020-07-07
Eight edge sealing zipper bag with flat performance directly affects the quality of food. So, how to choose appropriate packaging, is often a lot of food manufacturers feel headache. General food manufacturers choose bags, often worry about eight edge-sealing bag with old material, lead to the quality of the bags do not pass. So, should we how to distinguish whether the food packaging bags with the old material? Food manufacturers in the choose and buy or build bags, often can make merchants and manufacturers label, whether the food packaging materials production new material. Some food manufacturers in order to save costs, often take the initiative to request packaging manufacturer with old material production. And regular large food manufacturers, in order to guarantee the safety of food and improve the grade of the product, generally require manufacturer to make the bags with new material. Some unscrupulous manufacturers, it may be a little chasing profits, cheat customer, using mixed with some of the old material to produce bags. The packing bag of these bags and new material production looks the difference is very small. However, even if the appearance looks were similar, but we still have a way to distinguish. The first: touch by hand. The packing bag of new material production to be smooth, soft and strong toughness; And old material production the packing bag of surface feels a sense of grain, dry and rough, feel is often harder, poor toughness, easy fracture; The second: use to see. New material in the production of packaging color clear, do not contain impurities; The old material production the packing bag of sedimentation tend to take a little black color, light transmittance is poor; The third: the nose to smell. New material production the packing bag of smell may take a little bit of glue flavour, but not bad; And old materials tend to produce the bags with a pungent smell. With the above several methods, we can distinguish whether most of the bags with the old material. More about eight edge-sealing flat zipper bags please visit guangdong industrial co. , LTD. The content of the website: http://www. gdhpyz。 com
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