How to choose the correct design and packaging printing?

by:Kolysen     2020-07-12
The improvement of people's living standard, the demand for food is high also, now the protective food bags for packing requirements are different, the cake is containing fat more, soft, has the certain optimum water content, so at the very least, should meet the following requirements: oil oxygen (high resistance To prevent oil leakage and oil by oxidation) , high resistance to wet ( To prevent the cake lose moisture dry harden) 。 Such as, the packing bag of tea should be a high resistance of oxygen ( Prevent the oxidation of the effective ingredients are) , high resistance to wet ( The tea be affected with damp be affected with damp gone mouldy) , high resistance of light ( The chlorophyll in tea by daylight changes) Aroma and high resistance ( Tea aroma composition to send out, and tea. In addition, the tea is also easy to absorb peculiar smell) Quite a part of the market, and the current tea is ordinary PE, PP transparent plastic bag, greatly wasted tea effective ingredients, tea quality not guaranteed. 【 Packaging printing 】 Contrary to the above food, fruits, vegetables, such as picking respiration after selection, which requires bags with different gas has different transmittance. Fried beans also slow release carbon dioxide after packaging, for example, cheese also produces carbon dioxide after packaging products, so their bags should be high resistance of oxygen and carbon dioxide permeability. Fruits and vegetables are the requirements for packaging products often mouldproof, for packaging products bags inside the small droplets on biochemical use, can produce a series of adverse to fruits and vegetables in fruits and vegetables Browning, perishable. Different varieties of fruits and vegetables and maturity of the same fruits and vegetables to the packaging material of air permeability and selective requirements are also different. Raw meat, meat processing food, beverages, small food, baking food, protective requirements for packaging products also have very big difference. So, should according to the different nature of food and water with protective requirements of the scientific design of packaging.
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