How the difference between food packaging qualified unqualified?

by:Kolysen     2020-08-02
A growing number of food packaging on the environment has brought many problems. The packing bag of unqualified cause environmental pollution. How to distinguish the unqualified products and qualified products can reduce the pollution of the environment from four aspects. First, look at the appearance of the appearance of qualified food sack no bubble, punch, etc. Deviation of width and length within a certain range. If more than or existence, is unqualified packaging. Second, well qualified can withstand a certain degree of stretch during use, and in the process of using damage is not qualified. Third, look at health unqualified packaging can detect adverse to human body health of heavy metals, residue and other material. At the same time, the residue may also affect the quality of the food. This bag is usually very harmful to human body. Qualified food packaging usually have a certain degree of health and to ensure the quality of the food.
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