How high temperature cooking bags to be used

by:Kolysen     2020-07-03
High-temperature cooking bags finally to stand the contents of the packing process and previous test of sterilization process, for its influence is very big. Finally finished product packaging and sterilization processing is completed, must be bag with smooth surface, wrinkling and shrinkage of packaging material itself has no blister, no delamination, no leakage. 1, according to the contents of the form and nature to choose the suitable material and structure, such as solid, liquid or solid liquid mixed state to choose different material structure, bone, thorn contents about 121 degrees high temperature cooking meat are not able to prick the bag. Is there a difference if the contents of acid and alkali, also according to need to adjust the bag material structure and material specifications. 2, food enterprises in batch cooking bags, want to retort pouch performance through the simulation test to confirm. Because of the influence of the content of physical and chemical properties, under the high temperature may change and produce new substances, might have been caused in the retort pouch layer upon layer between the permeability and retort pouch packaging performance degradation. 3, select the appropriate packing sealing temperature makes the sealing strong, prevent the leakage of cooking process, prevent the infiltration of bacteria pollution in cooling process. 4, if it weren't for vacuum packaging, attention should be paid to control within packaging, much residual gas can do moderate proportion, residue, or even a back pressure in the cooking process, the residual gas content of the bag will burst. 5, to determine the stability of high temperature sterilization process conditions, such as cooking conditions according to the standard of 121 heat-resistant 40 min, make cooking bags of various materials in 121 has been to can withstand the limit, if the temperature and time is so much more than the process conditions, difficult to guarantee certain properties of retort pouch is not destroyed, such as light color ink discoloration, composite strength attenuation, serious heat sealing strength, etc. 6, note changes for packaging materials, such as cooking after RCPP harden, material of additives such as precipitation, assessment after cooking and cooking before the changes in the physical properties, but also pay attention to the contents for the impact of health. 7, prevent the warehousing and transport process of the torn bags of air leakage, especially the vacuum retort pouch. Generally after cooking RCPP can harden, crease of vacuum leakage problems, which need to be solved on select material and craft. 8, the high-temperature cooking bags of products avoid rough handling, loading and unloading, in addition to storage in a clean, dry and ventilated, shade, not reliable heat source is very close, so I can try to guarantee the packaging and contents of the physical and chemical performance is stable. In storage and sales process found bulge banned the sale of products and packages and leaks. If the sales link appear more adverse conditions, the serious influence the image of the product, and is likely to destroy a brand, enterprises should make full use of high temperature cooking bags. 9, after high temperature cooking of contents and the bag to determine reasonable shelf life, such as cooked meat products with rich protein, microorganism is very easy to reproduce, so easy oxidation fat of meat products in storage, and both general shelf life from within a year, even with the structure of the AL film also shoulds not be more than 24 months. And, after high temperature cooking, packaging of some additives in under the condition of high temperature can accelerate the free to the surface, such as plastic film add opening agent, antistatic agent, smooth agent later seep gradually, in addition there is the risk of gradually contaminated food, and plastic products have gradually aging process, dramatically influence the reliability of the bag, so should not be stored for a long time. While on the basis of composite material structure, the theory can be based on its moisture permeability, air data and aging time to calculate the contents, shelf life of theory can be two years and more than five years, but never had much uncertainty of actual application, because of the characteristic of the composite material itself as well as the content of the nature of uncertainty, shelf life can not only rely on the material moisture permeability, air data and sealing to decide, so high temperature cooking food to determine the shelf life of more than two years is the lack of factual basis. 10, do not ignore the special requirements, such as the 500 ml over organ edge sealing high-temperature cooking bag customer standards required to meet the one. 8 m high natural fall without broken bag, then it must not be made according to the national standard, only through increasing the thickness of the material or heat sealing layer to add resistance to below additives used to satisfy this requirement.
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