High temperature cooking suction nozzle bag

by:Kolysen     2020-11-24
High-temperature cooking suction nozzle bag release date: 2020 - 01 - 151. Common packaging material recommended three layers: PET/pure aluminium/RCPP, PPET/PA/RCPP four material: PET/pure aluminium/PA/RCPP2. For special purposes, so the material performance standards will be the key consideration. Such as acid, alkali, impact resistance, resistance to freezing, barrier property, etc. 3. The above material is very stable chemical properties at high temperature. About whether compound solvent will resolve the problem such as, it is suggested that choose to have the packing bag of scale and experience manufacturers. 4. Note the sterilization ways, there are two ways to get the high temperature sterilization, high temperature and high pressure sterilization and low temperature atmospheric pressure sterilization. The advantage of low temperature atmospheric pressure sterilization is that the stability of heating is relatively low, so there was no food of cellulose and protein are destroyed, reserved taste is better, not to change. And all sorts of nutrition are better preserved. A: packing volume membrane and composite membrane next up: the difference between a will know the plastic bags of all kinds of common sense
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