Frozen vacuum bag and what is the difference between frozen vacuum bags

by:Kolysen     2020-07-29
Frozen vacuum bag and what is the difference between frozen vacuum bags release date: 2019 - 08 - We would think that is the same, because they are all packing will be frozen food, it also makes our illusion, think of the two bags are equivalent, but if from the point of view of the technical comparison, they exist between whether performance, materials, or the difference of purpose. 1, first in terms of performance, refrigeration equipment in the vacuum bag is under the condition of the frozen food, in cold storage way to extend the storage period and shelf life; And frozen vacuum packing bag is under the condition of the quick freezing, to extend the built-in the freshness of food. 2, secondly in terms of use, frozen vacuum bag is generally suitable for fresh meat, meat and seafood, etc. ; And frozen vacuum bags use range is wider, not only can packaging packing and seafood, fresh meat, meat can also be used for packing pasta, fruits and vegetables. 3, the last on the choice of packaging material, frozen vacuum bag you just need to choose to endure cold water resistant film, but frozen vacuum packaging film requirements in addition to the resistance to cold resistance to water, also requires a film with barrier property. Above is frozen vacuum bag and some differences between frozen vacuum bags, according to these differences, packaging customers when choosing which kind of bags can pay attention to consult. Speed and frozen products will generally choose plating aluminum vacuum bags, aluminum foil vacuum bags or other nylon composite vacuum bags, at that time, can also according to the requirement of the customer to choose, the performance is also different, different materials such as aluminum plating, adornment sex is strong, the aluminum foil shading good moisture resistance, etc. , we can according to the requirement of the product to choose a different material. The previous: teach you choose food vacuum bag next up: the importance of the plastic bag printing design
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