Four properties of printing and packaging materials

by:Kolysen     2020-07-21
Four characteristics of printed packaging material release date: 2020 - 01 - 02 four characteristics of printed packaging material 1, protection performance. First of all packaging material must have a certain mechanical strength. Different articles on different packaging material requirements. For example: food packaging materials, must be completely conform to the food packaging hygiene standards. The packaging material is happened toxic substances in migration, non-toxic, odourless, no peculiar smell. Also, find out the nature of the built-in objects. Of moisture-proof packaging, vacuum packaging and inflatable packaging and to stop environmental water vapor and oxygen to infiltrate the sack and prevent the bag of the function of the inert gas to escape. The quick-frozen vegetables and frozen food packaging, to have low temperature freezing resistance. For microwave sterilization packaging and make packaging materials for the cooking bags, with resistance to high temperature cooking without contraction deformation functions. The greasy food packaging, require air tightness, oil resistance, and resistance to ultraviolet penetration function. Requirements for packaging, shrink packaging, plastic film to have a certain tension of contraction. Packaging of tea, such as tablets, biscuits, need to have a high moisture resistance, air tightness and shading, and other functions, to maintain its flavor. For fresh vegetables and fruits, such as packaging, if used with moisture and gas blocking packaging materials, it will bring side effects, because of vegetables and fruits of adequate oxygen supply is needed to keep it fresh. 2, operation performance. For plastic packaging and printing materials, the first to have printing, or after pretreatment can solve the problem of printing fastness. Also requires a certain rigidity and stiffness, can adapt automatically packaging packaging machinery, to adapt to mechanical sealing and heat sealing bag making, and easy to pack goods, easy to jie mouth etc. 3, transfer and storage performance. Packaging should have certain compressive strength, in the circulation field by the general pressure is not easy to damage. The modelling of packaging to facilitate boundary properties, such as accounting for less space. 4, sales performance. Color to the novel packaging, decoration printing colors should be bright and easy, in line with the sales region hobby, has the market competition ability. In addition, it also requires no electrostatic, in order to avoid the dust pollution. The previous: food manufacturers use cooked food vacuum packaging machine note next: leadership in chaoyang Wang Likun visit to packaging company research
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