Food packaging sterilization

by:Kolysen     2020-07-18
The food in human society occupies very important position. Life, in addition to instant food box, there are many food can be stored up for sale, and used to direct the packing bag of food packaging, food packaging bags. Since used for packing food directly, so, there is no doubt the food packaging must be non-toxic, sterile, no contamination to pack the goods. That is to say, in addition to the packaging materials, packaging after the completion of the sterilization is crucial. And effective way of sterilizing still has an important function, is to avoid short-term deterioration packaging products, to ensure that its shelf life. Packaging professional custom production food bags for many years, we guarantee that in the packing material supply in the quality of stability, accuracy, delivery quantity and delivery time on the coordination of all work, we will sincerely service for customers, provide for the customer to satisfy their food packaging bags. The company has the & other; The compound - Print - Cutting - Bag & throughout; The scale of automation production process can guarantee the product quantity and complete. Packing, as it were, with mature experience in food packaging sterilization. So, what are common food packaging sterilization ways? ( A) Pasteurized pasteurization, 巴氏灭菌) Cold, which is also called low temperature disinfection, sterilization method, it is a kind of using low temperature can kill bacteria, as well as the items of nutrients flavour unchanged disinfection method, have often been broadly used to define the need to kill all kinds of heat treatment method of the pathogen. Using the low temperature ( Generally in 60 ~ 82 ℃) , within the prescribed period of time, to heat the food, achieve the purpose of killing microbe vegetation, is a kind of both can achieve disinfection and does not harm the food quality. Invented by microbiologists Pasteur in France. Pasteurized heat treatment level is lower, generally below the boiling point temperature water for heating, heating medium for the hot water. ( 2) Boil water sterilization using 100 ℃ after 5 min can kill all bacteria breeding. It is advisable to general disinfection to boil 10 min. This not only can be used for packaging sterilization, sterilization method is also commonly used in general surgical instruments, rubber hose and syringes, drinking water and tableware disinfection. Water sterilization mainly in the pot. ( 3) Cooking high-temperature cooking and high-temperature steam sterilization, sterilization is the use of high temperature steam to kill medium on the wet and heat treatment process of all microorganisms. This method is suitable for contaminated dressing, syringes, overalls, medium, such as steam under high temperature is high, the advantage of the strong penetrating power, in the 220 kpa, 134 ℃ can keep 45 min to kill all microorganisms, is a simple, reliable, economic and fast method of sterilization. Its principle is steam under pressure through internal to the object, the microbial protein frozen denaturation and kill. ( 4) Irradiation radiation sterilization is the use of electromagnetic radiation produced by electromagnetic waves to kill microorganisms on most material of a kind of effective method. Used for the sterilization of the electromagnetic wave with microwave and ultraviolet ( UV) , X rays, and & gamma; Ray, etc. They can be controlled by means of specific microbial growth or kill microorganisms. Such as the role of microwave can be generated by heat killed microbes; Ultraviolet (uv) in the DNA molecule adjacent pyrimidine pyrimidine dimer formation, inhibit DNA replication and transcription, etc, to kill microorganisms; X-rays and & gamma; Ray can make other material oxidation or produce free radicals ( 哦• H) Again on biological molecules, and direct effects on biological molecules, interrupted by hydrogen bond, the double bond oxidation, destroy rings or make some molecular aggregation, damage and change the structure of biological macromolecules, which inhibit or kill microorganisms. More than four is the common way of sterilization, as for the specific choose which kind of way, you will need to combine their own conditions to haunt.
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