Food packaging printing production process

by:Kolysen     2020-07-22
First look at food packaging printing production process: printing - - Goods - - Code - - The compound - - Aging - - Cutting - - Printing packing bag with printing and printing, no printing costs than the cost is low, because of this a kind of color to a version of the roll, so there are a few color have to be made a few root version of roller. And plate when it is best to find a big company to do, quality and service have safeguard relatively. Is also important to the quality of the printing press, such as printing speed, if the problem such as printing of correction will have an impact on the overall delivery time. Goods after the goods are usually in the printing and process, that is to say if it's not printed tea bags don't have goods, goods must first clear is a machine, according to the data set to test the printed film. Code for code requirements of customers, the product can be code. Composite compound is several kinds of membrane with corresponding glue friends into stick up, said some of the parameters is not the key, said here is mainly under the classification of the composite, composite can be divided into: dry compound, solvent-free composite, co-extrusion composite, composite extrusion. They are each have advantages and disadvantages. Cure cure is to get the adhesive volatile, in front of the main composite residual adhesive, different packaging and roll of film packaging is not the same product, with different curing time. Cutting bag, or roll of film can be used to cut, because the printed product is wide, to produce the specifications of the customer's requirements, cutting is the crucial step. Bag this is according to user needs, some want to bag, some don't bag, bag type has a common: 3-side, fold the bottom self-supporting zipper bag, sidekicks self-supporting zipper bag, double side bags. Production of food packaging printing process is introduced. Here are just a few items, have to know more, also have to know more about this aspect of the content.
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