Food packaging manufacturer remind what information is a must-see

by:Kolysen     2020-07-26
There are a lot of information on food packaging is worthy of our attention, today, food packaging manufacturer and we take a look at what information is must be attention.

1, QS production license, this needs us to check, because the sign is proved that this product is a food production license, without this flag, it shows that no national food safety permission, the security problem cannot be guaranteed.

2, food ingredients, food ingredients in the order is according to the materials of food sort by the many to the few, the top, prove the more content, some friends can refer to when buy ingredients for purchase.

3, the production date and shelf life, to the food we buy in the middle of the shelf life, and distance is close as possible to the date of production, so to the guarantee of food security is also a certain.

4, storage conditions, a lot of food we can kept at room temperature is normal, but some foods need to be refrigerated or cryopreservation, so, when we buy in advance to check the good, home is stored in the appropriate temperature as far as possible, so that can ensure the safety of our food.

5, some food can separate columns helpful hints, for example contains a substance is not suitable for some people to eat and so on, so that we in the choice of time will not make a mistake.

this is our time when buying food need to look at a few necessary information on food packaging bags, food bags manufacturer to remind you that before buying reading of several important information on the packaging, it is very necessary.

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