Food packaging information still ignored by you?

by:Kolysen     2020-07-01

a lot of people in the supermarket to buy things, in a hurry look at the expiration date, or even what also don't see payment in a hurry to go, little imagine, the food packaging whether the information is you want? Or is bought has expired food.

according to the 'food hygiene law' regulation, stereotypes packaged food must be on the packaging or product specifications according to different products marked in accordance with the relevant provisions: name, origin, producer name and address, contact number, production date, batch number or code, specifications, or weight, the formula or principal ingredients, shelf-life, method of consumption or use, etc. Production license, the hygiene license, standards should also be labeled.

everyone's time to buy food to see the labels and instructions on the packaging, always let you see more fog? Every time is only the production date, as long as in the warranty period is rest assured to buy it? In fact, a lot of information on the outer packing contains a university asked, understand the implications, not only & other; Cheated & throughout; 。 For example: high calcium, sugar-free, not Fried, actually these already without calcium, also cannot prevent hyperglycemia, more not oil!

at the same time, we also want to look for the allergen information packs, countries are demanding the allergen information marked on the packaging. Provisions of 8 kinds of different material: contain gluten grains, small crustacean species ( Shrimp, crab, etc. ) , fish, eggs, nuts and nut products etc.

at the tip of the food allergen information in chocolate in the majority, and detailed information. When a lot of people are allergic to, only by eating the food to the push, serious when appears asphyxial, anaphylactic shock, etc. In the food labelling labeling food sensitization contains or may contain the material, in order to prompt have allergy history of consumers choose to suit their own food.

as a result, the customers friends when buying things, please be sure to see the content on the packaging, if there is a big gift boxes outside, so we can see inside the content of the best on the inner packing, can't also want to try to find a way to see, because it is directly related to our food hygiene safety. Online exposure in the former period of time, several groups of rice pudding fraud case, it is will be expired congee to stick a new label for sale, a lot of people don't watch carefully, if you look closely, you can see above, covered with a corner of the can see it clearly.

now you will also save trouble and ignore a lot of information on food packaging bags?

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