Food packaging film heat seal strength, but this a few guy at work!

by:Kolysen     2021-01-29
In the actual production, do you think will only use food packaging bags? That you are wrong, we usually use of food packaging film. The two kinds of packaging form sales in the market is very optimistic, as small make up together talk about the food packaging film. Current each manufacturer of food packaging products and food packaging film products, with the heat sealing strength as an important index to control the quality. Small make up combined with workshop workers in the actual production experience, the influencing factors of food packaging film heat sealing strength, a simple analysis for your reference: 1, the heat sealing temperature, heat sealing temperature directly affects the food packaging film heat sealing strength. 2, heat sealing time: in the heat sealing temperature and heat sealing under constant pressure, the longer the heat sealing time, heat sealing layer combination between the more secure. But if the heat sealing time is too long, food packaging film heat sealing parts of the fold will appear, uneven phenomenon, the serious influence the appearance of the product quality. 3, heat sealing pressure: in order to ensure the heat sealing strength of food packaging film, the corresponding heat sealing pressure is needed. Therefore, in the process of heat sealing is moderate, uniform pressure on heat sealing. If not enough or uneven heat sealing pressure, can make heat sealing parts have bubbles, leading to poor heat sealing.
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