Food packaging bags of desiccant you throw out?

by:Kolysen     2020-06-29
Common desiccant are:


1, lime desiccant

2, silica gel desiccant

3, montmorillonite desiccant

4, fiber desiccant

and is quick lime desiccant is commonly used in food bag!

according to food science expert introduction, main component is calcium lime desiccant, lime desiccant, under the influence of water will become calcium hydroxide, hydrated lime, is corrosive, alkaline liquid, which can produce rapid chemical reaction, instantaneous release a lot of heat. 【 Food packing.

life, desiccant, mainly from moisture, reduce the effect such as food moisture, prevent food spoilage. Desiccant three classes of acidic, alkaline and neutral, among them, the acid desiccant has obvious corrosion, rarely used in food, common food desiccant are alkaline and neutral two kinds big. Neutral desiccant calcium chloride and silica gel desiccant, have the function of the slow water absorption, won't produce significant harm to human body. But quick lime ( Calcium oxide) The price is lower, some food producers to save costs, may be used. And silica gel desiccant is more expensive, in the tide will change color, can remind environment is wet, commonly used in the laboratory.

for food packaging in moisture content is extremely low, desiccant usually do not have obvious change, but if put lime desiccant to have water in plastic bottles, plastic bottles are usually big and small bottle inside, relatively closed, air ballooning this will lead to the bottle, when more than one bottle of compression capacity might explode, and lime have been generated under the influence of water, calcium hydroxide, it is a corrosive strong alkaline liquid, when it as container explosion spatter to the human body surface, can cause varying degrees of damage.

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