Food packaging bags manufacturer analysis's relationship with food safety

by:Kolysen     2020-07-20
Food packaging bags manufacturer analysis's relationship with food safety. Food packaging is an important procedure in the food industry to facilitate transport, storage and sale of food. With the stand or fall of food packaging, not only affects the consumer shopping experience and product brand value, but also affect the safety of food packaging, resulting in the modern food industry food packaging plays a more and more important role must degree, it has become the indispensable important part of the food. But in recent years the onset of many food safety incidents, let consumers start to pay attention to food ingredients and increase the security agent, its application as food 'stealth increase agent' of food packaging, safety issues are often neglected by people. An important part of food packaging safety and food safety. Inferior food packaging materials in contact with food, not like virus, bacteria, the damage to the body into consumers directly, but if use the inferior materials for a long time with the food, toxic and harmful substances will through infiltration and food packaging, accumulate in the body cause chronic poisoning, bad for children and teenagers the growth and development of special.

abroad, foods, packaging is equivalent to produce environmental requirements and dispose according to common. Therefore, we in together also attaches great importance to food security should attach great importance to the safety of food packaging, and food packaging safety problem now in our country is serious. In recent years, because of too much harmful material residues in food packaging, food and contaminated and cause poisoning events frequently attack.

attaches great importance to food safety is still together should attach great importance to the safety of food packaging, food packaging materials in direct contact, it is food packaging remain the main origin of harmful substances.

the most common is a - Plastic snack box, many illegal businessmen in order to reduce costs, a large increase in the product industrial calcium carbonate, talcum powder, ash and other prohibited for food packaging produced enhancer. Some 'dirty' enterprises, will be the primary switch and increase the proportion of raw materials, industrial calcium carbonate, ash and other increase in the volume of agent to be used by more than 50%, some as high as 80%. This kind of high filling snack box according to the national standard requirement of evaporation residue acetate and alkanes are remember evaporation residue detection, target exceeds bid badly or even more than the national standard on one hundred times ( The national standard for 30 mg l) 。 Or when the microwave food temperature is higher, the harmful substances dissolve in food, long-term intake will cause indigestion, liver disorder, etc. , and even suffer from diseases such as gallstones, form a serious damage to the body health.

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