Face film bags: injection mask it scared the hell out of his family

by:Kolysen     2020-07-05
Yiwu a parents help daughter recently received a Courier, the goods don't want to be startled, what happened? Chat of time: on August 7, 2016, 'fairy the seat: today the collecting a shock to me for my daughter's Courier. Jinhua daily qq group: hello, what circumstance? Fairy the seat: summer vacation, daughter and a friend went to Hong Kong to play, let me help collect Courier. Also told me something very expensive, best help count down. Confirm the delivery of you can't imagine, when I opened the box, it contained five boxes full of needles. Jinhua daily qq group: ah, how to return a responsibility. Sew clothes with or an injection with a needle? Fairy: the seat looking at should be shot. Is the fact that the original delivery box just five encapsulation boxes, brand is English, the product description part is Korean, I can't understand also don't care about what's inside. However, when I count is not saw several bags of gifts or retail in bulk. Just bags on the left is translucent, I found that there is a syringe with a needle. Was shocked. Jinhua daily qq group: well, that plastic sealed box are also? Fairy ying: I secretly open a box, found inside a box is five bags, is this kind of syringes. Jinhua daily qq group: ok, your daughter to buy these things? Fairy ying: I don't know at that time. What is thought to play insulin or drug needles, also dare not and daughter said, busy mom confirmed first called children. Jinhua daily qq group: well. Fairy the result that the mother looked at half a day, also is not very good, guess is probably plastic products. I was listening, terrified. Jinhua daily qq group: how do you say? Fairy the seat: although not seen, but on the market what whitening needles, hyaluronic acid, collagen, sheep child element needle, how much I still heard of big whatever negative effects, even want to play for at least the regular hospitals. So buy back a bunch of syringes come back, I can not worry about it. Jinhua daily qq group: yeah. Fairy: the seat if the children themselves, with a product of this online how can I rest assured. Injection toward the face one thousand of fake and shoddy goods, don't know what's the problem. If daughter bought injection to others, I also don't rest assured. Jinhua daily qq group: well, that you have talked and daughter? Fairy the bridge: the beginning only dare to beat about the bush, ask daughter bought what good things, so baby. Then daughter soon answer, we are injection mask. Jinhua daily qq group: oh, beauty products. Fairy the seat: I didn't dare to think so. Because I haven't heard of what is face film, injection for the checked data, found lots of implanting injection mask advertising online. Is known as an injection mask, looks like fake GuangZhen water, in order to hydrate, toward the face and neck. My daughter this with the needle, I'm afraid is embedded. Jinhua daily qq group: that seems to be also unreliable. Fairy the seat: yes, my mother and the children are worried about is broken. Daughter think about cosmetic or something before, really afraid of her head and a hot, what with inferior products. Daughter back home, we earnestly put their worries and she said, she didn't want to bad, say we want to. It turns out that she bought injection mask is the hairdressing fluid in the cylinder, injected into the facial mask in the bag, then put the mask on the face. Her bags and left translucent is syringe, on the other side half seal part is facial mask, slit outer will find a mask hairdressing fluid injection, injection gate of white, use the needle to puncture. We understood that this is a false alarm.
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