Face film bags: feature film packaging with wings of science and technology

by:Kolysen     2020-07-06
Thin film is one of the most important varieties of plastic products, packing is plastic film used most of the fields. China in 2011, production of plastic products 54. 74 million tons, with plastic film accounted for about 15%, and 80% for packaging in plastic film, as a result, the packaging in the plastic products and plastic film has the extremely important position. Plastic film is refers to the thickness at 0. 25毫米( That is, 250 & mu; m) The smooth and soft plastic products, according to purpose is different, can be divided into packaging film, agricultural film, industrial film, medical film, etc. Among them, the functional packaging film developing rapidly in recent years, and more and more attention by the industry. Functional packaging film packaging film, also known as diversity, some special features of ordinary film without film. The introduction of the special features of film packaging effect is improved obviously, the additional value of improved significantly, the development and application of functional plastics packaging film tends to get social benefits and economic benefits double harvest. Here are a few functional plastics packaging film. Active packaging film barrier property active oxygen barrier packaging film and points and water absorption of different forms, such as blocking film. Oxygen barrier packaging film and conventional barrier packaging film, it not only can effectively prevent oxygen through the film, but also to absorb the residual oxygen in the plastic film bag, keep bags oxygen in the long-term at a very low level, thus effectively extend the shelf life of products. In recent years in Japan and other developed countries, the film has been industrialized production, use effect is good. Type oxygen barrier packaging film is a kind of containing active packaging material layer ( Oxygen material layer) The composite film. After oxygen membrane used in packaging, packaging bags of residual oxygen through the heat sealing layer into oxygen, oxygen in oxygen layer and the active packaging materials have been consumed for chemical reaction. When using oxygen film packaging commodities such as food, packaging don't have to be within the bag into the oxygen agent, simplifies the wrapper, and avoid the disadvantages of consumers eating oxygen agent. Oxygen materials can be reduced iron/sodium chloride, sodium sulfite and ascorbic acid as reactant, blending into the resin products, or using MXD6 nylon/cobalt salt, double bond of polymer/salt, including cyclohexene side chain of polymer/salt substances such as mixed content. Type oxygen barrier packaging film reactant mixing will also be made into the polyolefin material of oxygen, placed it in a sealing layer and glue layer, making a separate oxygen layer. Although composite membrane layer, which increases the manufacturing cost increased, but as a result of the layer in the inner side of the barrier layer, to absorb the oxygen bag, will show a better effect.
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