Dried fruit without the quality grade was sentenced to compensate for the supermarket - on appeal - - - - - - Dried fruit bags

by:Kolysen     2020-06-17
Mr Zhou buy dried fruit products not labeling product quality grades, auchan supermarket was the court of first instance verdict zhou ten times compensation for consumers, supermarket, refuses to appeal. Yesterday ( 2) , the city same court hearing the case. On July 27, 2013, Mr. Zhou in auchan supermarket buy raisins 20 bags, aggregate amount of 351 yuan. O buy Eva xinjiang hetian golden jujube 10 bags, sum amounted to 1590 yuan. Buy erros of Mr Found not indicated on the package quality grades, he thought the packaging does not conform to the general principles for prepackaged food labels for national food safety standards, the relevant provisions of the reported to haidian bureau of industry and commerce, the latter to auchan company make a decision on administrative penalty. Mr Zhou then appealed to the court for auchan company return the payment for goods and ten times compensation. Auchan company argued that Mr Zhou is a professional impact, and its sales do not conform to the standard of food packaging is negligence, Mr Zhou's person or property is not damaged, do not agree to compensate. The first-instance court thinks, auchan company shall fulfill the law duty of care to the packing of the goods, and not involved in product quality levels should belong to does not conform to the food safety standards, according to the stipulations of article 96 of the food safety law, auchan company shall be liable for compensation of 10 times, the two sides have refunds and judgment. Auchan company later appeal. Auchan supermarket, said zhou is not a good buyer. In addition, the package is not with dried fruit level shall not apply to the punitive damages. Yesterday, the municipal court debate mobile service organization the two parties. This case does not make a trial.
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