Defenders of the electronic products -- - Aluminum foil bag

by:Kolysen     2020-06-27

electronics antistatic polyester + pure metal aluminum foil is used aluminum foil bags + reinforced nylon + anti-static polyethylene composite, their unique four layers structure can form & quot; Induction cap & quot; Inside another layer consists of ethylene can eliminate static electricity, anti-static function is superior, the discharge of the static electric field slow, safe, electronic product packaging aluminum foil bag on both sides can be anti-static, anti-static eight to 11 of a value of 10 square, can maximize to protect electrostatic sensitive components from electrostatic potential harm; Wear-resisting, sealing side is strong, practical, widely used in all kinds of PC board, the computer motherboard, sound card, graphics CARDS, network CARDS and electrostatic sensitive high-tech electronic products packaging.

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